Q&A with Chelle Bliss, Author of Untangle Me and Kayden: The Past

I had the pleasure of having my first Q&A with Chelle Bliss! These questions may seem so trivial but I really had a hard time thinking of things to ask her. There are interesting tidbits here, but one thing had me perking up in my seat: Lisa is REAL! hahahaha, call me crazy for finding that so amusing. But really, if that certain someone knows Lisa is based on her/him, it should be a revelation how much people don't like her/his attitude!

So here it is, my very first author interview, and it is with the lovely Chelle Bliss!
(Please note that I had sent in my questions before I read Kayden. Let's just say I have several more questions for her now! Don't forget to check out the blog tour and review for Kayden: The Past right here.)

1. If there is one thing about Untangle Me or Kayden: The Past that you want to change, it could be a plot point, a character, an outcome, a line, etc...what would it be and what would you replace it with?
I’d probably change Sophia a bit. I’d make her stronger. I wouldn’t say I’d make her more demanding though. Kayden is the type of guy that doesn’t do well with demands and ultimatum. They worked because he didn’t get that from her. He needed a caring person who understood his plight and showed her devotion to him.

2. Is any of your characters based on someone in real life?
Hahaha. I always pull from real life when I write - funny situations or hot moments. Lisa is a real person. I never got to club her over the head or anything, but in my imagination I can torture her all I want. 

3. Has any of your characters surprised you, like, took a different persona than what you originally had in mind?
I gotta think about that a second. There are so many characters in Kayden. Bridget maybe – I changed her course in the book. I had it going one way and then I made her into a bad person. We can’t all be sunshine and fairytales. I usually stick pretty close to my original course when I write – I don’t veer to far off track. I try to stay true to my original plot and characters unless something isn’t working at all.

4. I know you pictured Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson as Kayden, and Anne Hathaway or Alyssa Milano as Sophia. So, who do you imagine as Lisa?
Hmmm. That’s an interesting question. Maybe Tara Reid, I think she would make a great Lisa. She’s kinda cooky and would be fantastic in her role.

5. Was it difficult for you to get into a guy's, Kayden's, mind and write from his perspective?
Not really. I thought it would be harder, but I think I nailed him ;) Erm, I meant it. I’ve always had more male friends than females and I grew up with a brother so the male POV isn’t that hard for me – I don’t think. I love writing the male POV more than the female. 

6. What are your must-haves while writing?
I must have coffee. Oh, let’s not forget Facebook. I usually have my laptop on the couch with coffee on the table and a dual screen on my computer. I’m totally ADD and can’t do one thing at a time. I like to have music playing on Spotify to help with the mood.

7. As a reader, who are your favorite authors?
I love so many authors. My first book girl-crushes were Cj Roberts, Tarryn Fisher, SC Stephens, Kele Moon, and Olivia Cunning. My dark or kinky reads – Well Cj of course, Kitty Thomas, Annabell Joseph. Who can pick just one? God there are too many great ones out there. I’d need an entire page to tell you about all my favorite authors.

8. Can you tell us one funny, quirky thing about you that your readers don't know yet. =)
Quirky? Hmmm. I check locks like a maniac. I double-check them. My memory sucks and I never remember if I locked the doors of my car or apartment. I have a ton of quirks. I could write an entire book about my quirks. 

9. If you were the one to receive an FB invite from Kayden, how would you respond?
Kayden is on Facebook. I’d probably say to him… Do I know you?

10. Which new year's resolution do you think you'll break first? ;)
I didn’t make one. I’ve never stuck to one in my life and now I’m at the point that I don’t bother to set them. I don’t do well with rules even when they’re self-imposed. I try to set goals for myself instead of restrictions. 

Thank you very much Ms. Bliss for this Q&A with In My Room Reading! 



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