About Moi!

Hello there! If you're here and you bothered to find out who is running this blog,
Thank You.
Really, for taking the time to get to know the crazy head behind all this.
I call it crazy because this is all a one-woman show. Never did I consider the amount of work that would have to be invested in running a book blog and keeping it alive.
Countless hours have been spent working on improving this blog.
I tend to NOT stop until I get the minutest detail about the structure and layout just right.
I self-studied on how to use HTML codes! That part I always loved! :)

Oh look at that, I haven't even introduced myself yet...!

Hi again!
*big grin*
My name is Jay, and this is In My Room Reading!

You must be wondering why that name.
It's because every evening ever since my college years, the moment I'm done with dinner, watching TV, cleaning up and all that nightly ritual,
I would immediately grab a book or my Kindle
and then jump into the bed to get started on my latest read.
Then whenever my mom or anyone else in the house would look for me and they couldn't find me,
they'd yell out where the heck am I and what am I doing.
My response would often be,
"In my room, reading!"

Hence the name of this blog, once I finally got up the nerve to start one!
I started in the last week of October 2013 I think, and then it went on and on and on and on...
Whoever said book blogging is so easy must have been out of his mind.
It's a lot of work, especially since I have a full-time job
but I am definitely loving it.
There are days when it's tiring, especially when work gets in the way
but at the end of the day or week
my love for reading and experiencing stories still prevails.

Romance is my favorite genre.
I am a huge fan of New Adult novels. My love for historical romances will not fade as well.
Yes to YA too, but
I'm very selective when it comes to thrillers/mysteries & paranormal.
Dark romances I can handle as long as there's an HEA in the end...! (immense heartache while reading should be rewarded in the end, methinks!)
My type of heroes are:
alpha, fighters, bikers, geeks, billionaires
damaged are okay, as long as they are repairable
nice guys, guys who adore their girls, guys who love their moms, guys who DON'T CHEAT
sexy, possessive-sexy not possessive-annoying, endearing, sometimes vulnerable
strong, brave, protective.

*wishing there are real guys  out in the real world who possess these qualities!*

Oh well. Thank God for awesome authors and their wonderful love stories.

If this is the first time you've come to my blog, WELCOME!
Feel free to explore my site, peruse my previous reads, and then you can begin to judge me.
If this isn't your first time here and you've actually read some of my reviews before,
Thank You,
once again!
I know I don't write the shortest reviews, so thanks for giving me ten or more minutes of your time!


If you want to get in touch with me,
if you want to share your thoughts, comments and/or violent reactions (uhh, no I'm just kidding. Oh all right, not really. All comments are welcome. Please, just don't be mean to me...!)
just shoot me an email and let me have it!

Other facts about me, if you're interested LOL:

✿ I'm a cat person.
✿ I dearly love our two pet dogs though.
✿ I live in hot, sunny, and often rainy Philippines.
✿ I am notorious at tracking down book sellers on ebay and Facebook
a necessity since not all newly published books find their way into my local bookstores :(
✿ I am the middle of five daughters.
✿ I'm 24 years old.
✿ In case it's not obvious, I'm a girl.
✿ Although I appreciate ebooks and I get excited when I get ARCs, I still want to get paperback copies of the books I love the most.

Any feedback, questions or suggestions for my blog...?

You can email me at inmyroomreading@gmail.com.



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