ARC Review: Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst

Searching for Someday (Searching For Series, #1)

Searching for Someday
by Jennifer Probst
Book One in the Searching For Series

4 stars

Let me begin by saying I am a huge fan of Jennifer Probst! I found her Marriage to a Billionaire series before the NA genre grew popular and took over my TBR. That's why when I saw this book, I was so excited and my expectations were high.

No disappointments here because I truly enjoyed Searching for Someday! I admit at the beginning it was just okay for me. I thought it would be very predictable: a cynical man out to discredit a matchmaker, a challenge was issued, and then cynical man and matchmaker fall in love. The end.

LOL it certainly wasn't just The End right away though. As the story progressed, we saw more of the main characters' personal struggles when it comes to love and trusting someone enough to risk falling in love.

We have Kate who, although she believes in the general concept of love and soul mates, is pretty much fed up about meeting her very own soul mate. She is also gifted with a special sixth sense of some sort that allows her to identify, by touch, two people who are well-matched with each other. She tries not to use this gift so much in her matchmaking business, but it doesn't hurt to be sure, right?

Then there's Slade. He is so jaded after a failed marriage and witnessing his sister, Jane, go on a downward spiral because of love. He has no illusions about happily ever afters now. What he wants is a life companion, someone who won't expect too much of him emotionally. 

Needless to say, their views on love and relationships are polar opposites of each other. However, fate--and maybe a little bit of magic--steps in and these two are thrown into a situation wherein they cannot deny their attraction and deepening feelings for each other.

This does have a bit of a two-steps-forward, one-step-back drama here which may make readers feel annoyed with both Kate and Slade. I think it made sense though, because it emphasized just how confused and hesitant Slade was. The events gave both of them an opportunity to prove to the other that they are willing to take a risk, and that the possibility of being together far surpasses the danger of getting hurt. I appreciated their gestures of reconciliation more by the end of the story.

Now for the supporting characters... Robert, Kate's paraplegic pitbull is a scene stealer! I love him, he is such a character. I imagine him to be gruff-looking, but an absolute sweetheart who gives cuddles if he loves you. Kate found him on the road, obviously tossed off and then run over by another car :( my heart hurt for the poor baby..! But Kate saved him, and they both had each other ever since. Oh, and the epilogue is such a treat! It really made me smile... but I won't say anything more, don't want to spoil anyone!

We also got to meet Kate's partners at Kinnections, Kennedy and Arilyn. Kennedy is up next, but I'm also looking forward to Genevieve's story. She's Kate's best friend. There was a huge build-up about her relationship with her fiance... and her best guy friend. *slow grin* It's going to be interesting!

Searching for Someday is exactly the kind of read fans of Jennifer Probst will love. It's lighthearted, has just the right amount of angst not to make it annoying, and it introduces us to more characters that obviously have stories to tell too.

Don't miss the sale release of Searching for Someday on November 26, 2013!

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