Happy to be Back and Well!

I've been out of commission for the past three days because of a fever, which started out as a bad case of sinusitis, and if you have experienced it you can pretty much understand that I had suffered greatly for the greater part of the last week...! *drama queen esque! hahahahaha

So anyway, I'm so glad to be well enough again to sit here for hours to work and then tinker on my blog during breaks. Speaking of tinkering with my blog, I just changed it's look! I'm so happy with the outcome. Like the past format, I used a pre-made theme then simply adjusted the nuances of the design to my satisfaction I'm not an expert at HTML, and most of the time I have to Google what codes must be used, but luckily they always turn out the way I want them to be. Insert proud moment here!

This was me in front of the computer! =D

Now all I have to do next is edit the photo I wanted so badly to use for the header...! Good luck to me, coz the last time I used Photoshop was in 2nd year high school!

Another thing to be ticked off my to-do list ASAP is finish my currently reading book...! I am so excited to begin reading The Edge of Always, which is the title I have been excited for THE MOST in 2013!! Oh, and if you read my previous personal musings post, I literally declared my love for JA Redmerski and her Edge of Never Series. I'll get more dramatic on how over the moon I was when my blog (my freaking blog!!!) got accepted for the release day blitz... plus I got an ARC!!!!


Oh, I could kiss anyone at that moment! But I didn't, accost anyone, don't cha worry.

So yeah, I'll catch up with my work, then with my reading, then finally I can post my review! I'm so excited, my toes are curling.. :) Ta for now!



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