Amazon Freebies and Upcoming Posts

So I was looking at Amazon's Top 100 freebies today, and I was so happy because there are a lot of really good ones in the list!

I'm going to check these freebies next month to see if they're still free. If they are, I'll post the links at the Top Amazon Freebies page.

Dream Of You (Laurel Heights, #5)Now and Then (Now, #1) Broken at Love (Whitman University, #1) Beautiful Mess

Dream of You by Kate Perry - Whenever I see Kate Perry's name on an Amazon freebie, I automatically one-click it, no questions asked!

Now and Then by Brenda Rothert - I like the sound of the synopsis for this one. "...she was a shy, awkward teenager with frizzy hair, a flat chest and a massive crush on the boy across the street."

Broken at Love by Lyla Payne - Book 1 of the popular Whitman University series.

Beautiful Mess by Jennifer Preston - Sounds like a good one, plus it has high ratings at Goodreads so far.

Pulse (Pulse, #1)  First Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles, #1)  Dirty Little Secrets (J.J. Graves Mystery #1)  The Theory of Attraction (Science of Temptation, #1)

Pulse by Kailin Gow - Ooh, apparantly this series has just been optioned for film and game!

First Ink by Laura Wright - A successful tattoo artist and the girl who broke his heart coming back to mess with his life. Sounds interesting, right? A 4-star plus rating on Goodreads too!

Dirty Little Secrets by Liliana Hart - Here is another author who frequently offers freebies on Amazon that I automatically one-click.

The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden - Features a hot, rocket scientist hero.

Emerge (Evolve, #1)  The Pa's Revenge  Dying To Forget (The Station, #1)  This Love's Not for Sale

Emerge by SE Hall - Book 1 of the Evolve Series. This is followed by Emerge (Book 2) and Entangled (Book 2.5)

The PA's Revenge by Diana Fraser - I read this in one sitting and I enjoyed it! It's angsty and sexy, and I was actually disappointed when it ended.I wanted more, but nevertheless, this is a very good and well-written story.

Dying to Forget by Trish Marie Dawson - YA paranormal with very high ratings in both Amazon and Goodreads.

This Love's Not For Sale by Ella Dominguez - Close to a 4-star rating average at Goodreads.

EDIT: Okay! I am so silly, I titled this post "and Upcoming Posts" and wrote nothing about anything about them! *smacks forehead*

Oh anyway, I had finished reading three books since last Friday. If it weren't for Saturday work and a wedding that I had to attend on Sunday (which basically ate up the entire day), I would have written the reviews already. =( goodness, I am getting so far behind...!

First up is Unlikely by Sylvie Fox ---> I really liked it, even thought of giving it 5 stars when I was nearing the end... BUT. *tsk* I'll go into detail on my review..!

Second is Bound by Brenda Rothert ---> This was quite an emotional read. I really liked this one, and also Unlikely because the heroes are NOT commitment-phobes!!! =D More into my upcoming reviews..

Third is Play by Play by Kate Donovan ---> What an enjoyable short read!



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