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Here is my book review for Kate Perry's latest release.

Release Date: December 4, 2013

Say You Will (Summerhill, #1)
Say You Will
by Kate Perry
Book 1 of the Summerhill Series

4 stars

I really, really enjoyed Say You Will! It's the perfect read for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It is a feel-good story that had me chuckling at times and smiling (quite in disbelief too, in all honesty) by the end.

I imagine that in the hands of another author, this plot would be written as a tear-jerker. Rosalind has to return to London to attend the burial of her father, who was an Earl. His was a scandalous death: he was in a car crash with his mistress in the passenger seat. Although the man's relationship with his daughters and wife had never been very good, it still hurt them especially when it was discovered that his will is lost and that it's possible that he left the family estate to his mistress.

This forced Rosalind and her sisters, Beatrice, Viola, Portia, and Imogen (There is a fifth sister, Titania, but she's MIA in this story) to work together in finding the will and securing the future of their mother, the Countess.

In the midst of all the will hunting, sibling bickering and break-in planning, Rosalind met this wonderful man who just clicked with her. Nick was introduced to her as a solicitor. Given her family's current problem with the will, Rosalind felt it fitting to confide in Nick and ask for his legal advise. However, Nick is not exactly who she thinks he is...

It may seem like too many conflicts are going on at once, but honestly the book never lost its feel-good vibe, even during the most serious parts of the story. 

I really like Kate Perry's writing style! She never gives me a headache in terms of storyline and technique in writing. As I was reading it was like I was watching this chick flick in my head. I couldn't help but imagine how the scenes would play out, especially whenever the sisters--and even their regal mother, Jacqueline--would gather round to plot or just talk about everything. It's my favorite part, seeing the transformation in their relationships. 

At the beginning the sisters weren't close AT ALL. Rosalind and Portia were even arguing most of the time. Viola seemed to have marital woes and is always distracted (or rather distraught) by them. Imogen and Titania were too busy with their respective careers and could not get away to join their father's burial. As the story progressed though and their need to cooperate became more important, the sisters learned to know each other once again and build a stronger relationship as a family.

We're like the four Musketeers, only better dressed and with more fashionable hair.

Now for the romance in Say You Will...!

Nick is dreamy. He's handsome, wealthy, successful in his career, has morals, and he is super nice--he's really everything a girl can ask for. Although he kept secrets from Rosalind, he was true to his feelings for her and his actions spoke for him. It took a while for Rosalind to forgive him though (and another vital character in the story) for his deception, which is really understandable!

I look forward to the future books in this series. All the characters are likable. Each sister obviously has a story to tell. Seems to me that Portia will be the one next since the epilogue was in her POV. I am impatient for Viola though, I wish she'll break free of her marital problems. And also there's Beatrice! Bea and Nick's friend Luca are a hoot! They only appeared together twice in this book, but their chemistry is off the charts. I am even looking forward to their mother finding her own happily-ever-after. She deserves it after what she went through with her dead husband!

I highly recommend Say You Will if you want a light-hearted story that will put a smile on your face!

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Book Synopsis:

Say You Will (Summerhill, #1)
Rosalind Summerhill is on the verge of becoming the next Vera Wang, as far away from her family and their drama as she can get. The last thing she wants is to leave San Francisco for London, especially not to deal with her father's latest scandal—dying in his mistress's arms. At least she can find comfort in knowing she can leave after the memorial. 

Little did she know. 

Not only is her father's will missing but, according to his lawyer, her mother will lose everything if it's discovered. Reluctantly joining forces with her sisters to seek and destroy the will is the only way of ensuring her father doesn't win in the end. 

Enter Nick Long, the one bright spot about being in London. Nick's everything she's ever dreamed of in a man—supportive, eager to help, and bone-meltingly hot. But Nick's motives aren't as pure as they seem, and the secret he's keeping may tear Rosalind's family and fortune apart.


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