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Released On: December 22, 2013
A Perfect Mistake
by Zoe Dawson
Book 2 of the A Perfect Secret Series

5 stars

I cannot tell you how much I love this story! There are romance recipes that I am simply drawn to like moth to a flame, and A Perfect Mistake had two of them:
     1. Childhood friends who crushed on each other, then became sweethearts.
     2. Childhood enemies turned sweethearts.
What I like about these "recipes" is that you can jump into the romance right away because there is already an established relationship between the two. It doesn't matter if it's animosity or sweetness, just that there's an existing passionate emotion where the two of them are concerned.

Boone and Verity had that in spades. They both secretly admired each other as teenagers. They shared a very secret, very vital experience together. They both suffered being judged as nothing more than an Outlaw and the preacher's perfect daughter. And due to certain events around 2 years prior, Verity had nothing but anger in her heart for Boone. Boone, who for the life of him could not understand what Verity was so mad at him for, couldn't help but reciprocate the animosity from her and from the rest of their largely judgmental town.
I had to be perfect. And, you were Boone Outlaw, the bad boy with a bad reputation that you didn't deserve. But who can do that? Who can measure up to being perfect? Who would want to?

I cannot say more about their conflicts without revealing spoilers. What I can say is this: A Perfect Mistake is a wonderful story about second chances: on love, family, happiness and acceptance. The story sucked me in. Even though it is mostly predictable, there's something about how Zoe Dawson wrote it that made me care so much about the characters and what will happen next (even though I already did have an inkling what would transpire next. That wasn't enough, though. Until I saw it written on page I couldn't be appeased! :)).

I really liked Verity. I liked that she didn't whine about her situation. When she was angry, she showed it. When she started to feel remorse about judging Boone's character, she went out of her way to show how sorry she is.. and most importantly, how much she truthfully cares about him. She took responsibility for her mistakes and was always the first to say sorry. I loved that the most about her. It may have taken her long to reveal all her secrets, but when she did she didn't play the victim and instead worked with Boone to finally make things right.
I felt like Elizabeth Bennett just discovering for the first time how wonderful, how charming, and how vulnerable Mr. Darcy was. 

Boone is the third of the unholy trinity that is the Outlaw triplets. As a teen he is the total opposite of Holy Mary Verity. He got into drugs, was often drunk and passed out in his truck. His teenage mind reasoned that if the entire town thought him to be a no-good Outlaw, then he'd just enjoy living up to the prejudice. What a person grows up to be as an adult is what matters the most though. Boone did a 180 and turned his life around. He is now a responsible adult with a quite successful landscaping business. And he's only 19 years old! It may sound unbelievable, but it really isn't impossible. Verity, after all, is only 19 as well and is also quite successful as a fashion designer in New York (the saying it's all about who you know really applied to the both of them).

Oh, and did I also mention that Boone plays guitar and sings beautifully? =D I love him so much, he officially makes it into my top bookboyfriends list!
He was the most fascinating combination of tough guy tempered with a sweet, gentle side that wsa compelling and made my heart break...
I always thought of Boone as the heart of the Outlaws. Booker with his intellect and Braxton with his physicality made up the whole of the threesome. 

Things didn't start out great for Boone and Verity, but there's just no stopping two hearts and souls that belong to each other. They were very much aware that their respective families will not quickly approve of their relationship. There's also the rest of the town to contend with. Thank God they proceeded maturely and took things one day at a time. They knew that some people thought badly of them being together, but they still came clean with their feelings for each other. They did not flaunt their relationship, but they didn't keep it a secret either. They fought for each other and the future they know they can have together. That's what I loved the most.
"I don't care who you tell. I want everyone to know I'm with you, Boone."
I met her look dead on. "Are you with me?"
Her eyes fluttered and she closed them for a moment. "I told you this would happen. If I got involved with you."
My heart jolted. "What would happen?"
She wrapped her arms around my neck, breathing into my ear. "That I wouldn't want to leave."  

The secondary characters contributed to that family, small-town setting. Booker and Braxton complete the Outlaw triplets. Aubree and River Pearl are Verity's best friends. Booker is with Aubree (their story is told in book 1, A Perfect Mess) and Braxton obviously has feelings for River Pearl. I am looking forward to A Perfect Dilemma for their story! 

I highly, highly recommend A Perfect Mistake. I read this without reading A Perfect Mess yet I didn't feel lost. Zoe Dawson did an excellent job of jumping into Boone and Verity's story and showing readers how things stand at present. Go and click on those link buttons below this post. I promise you, this is an excellent read that's truly worth your money.
We hadn't had the courage to fight for what we wanted back then. But I had the courage now. Because, no matter what, I loved her.
I wanted her so desperately. The girl she had been, the woman she was now. My heart hurt every day that I woke up without her in my arms.

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Book 1: A Perfect Mess

Booker and Aubree's story.

The girl most likely to succeed, an unpredictable Outlaw, and a dangerous secret that could be the death of her.

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About the Author:

Zoe Dawson is the alter ego of Karen Anders, award winning, multi-published author. Her writing journey started with poetry and branched out into fiction. With a couple of college English courses under her belt, she penned a historical, then moved onto contemporary romance fiction. Today, she is happy producing romantic suspense, romantic mystery, urban fantasy and paranormal novels. The words feed her soul and the happily ever afters feed her heart.

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