Messaging Your Fave Author??? It's Freakin' Terrifying!

Ohhhhh my gosh.. I just did something crazy! I private messaged one of my very best favorite authors on FB... my fingers are still shaking! LOL

I know you're thinking that communicating with authors must be nothing new for me since I'm a book blogger and reviewer. But no, honestly, I'm more of a behind-the-scenes type. I am more of a reader and a reviewer than a social media expert, on-first-name-basis-with-authors kind of blogger. The thought of reviewing a book with the pressure of having grown close to and befriending an author scared me. So, even though this made me a little bit of an outsider, I thought it made me a much more effective reviewer.

So, back to my favorite author. Hahahaha, I'm truly a coward..! As soon as I hit "Send" I clicked close the Facebook tab! *rotfl* I'm honestly just as terrified of her replying to finding out that the signed books I'm hoping to buy have already run out. Oh gosh, I am crazy, nyahahahah! Just laughing it off, but seriously, I am nervous for the reply, if ever I should get one. Fave author is on a temporary hiatus at the moment because she's finishing her upcoming book, and so she'll get to read my message this Saturday (hopefully it won't get drowned by hundreds of other fan messages as well). The hubs--her hubs--is entertaining us fans with funny posts every now and then.

OK. SO...

This is me at the moment...!

...and this...!

You've probably seen the extended version of the Julia Roberts gif elsewhere. Honestly, that version of her laughing which then cuts to her face superimposed on Rupert Everett's face, it creeps me out. Really creeps me out. Patrick Star's so much better!

So the point of this post is... :) LMAO! Oh you know, just to let off steam and burn adrenaline.... I feel my blood pressure stabilizing now... :) Please, whoever gets to read this rambling post, wish me luck! *crossing fingers*



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