My Thoughts on RK Lilley and the C-Word

 The very first thing I saw on my news feed last Monday was RK Lilley's post. When I saw in the title, "...Cancer. The C-word", I was immediately worried. I've been following her even before her Up In The Air series became extremely popular. The third book wasn't released yet. I friended her on FB, enjoyed her funny posts, and last year I even won a copy of GROUNDED ! =D I was extremely excited, I didn't care that the contest wasn't international. I immediately contacted a best friend of mine from high school who now lives in Las Vegas, asked her to receive the book for me, and then send it to me here in the Philippines. I waited months before it could be in my hands! (thank you , Danica! I truly owe you!)

At that time there was an online chat that a blog organized for RK Lilley and her fans (I'm so sorry, I could no longer remember the name of the blog). It was slated for evening in the US, which of course meant it was going to be morning where I'm from. It started at around 9 am... and I was already at work! Hahaha, I was a bad girl that day! Instead of doing my job, I logged on to the chatroom and jumped at the chance to ask her questions. =P

Many people would consider such a short interaction with an author invalid, but in that hour or so my impression of RK Lilley was that she's incredibly nice, accommodating, patient with us fans, and game to answer questions even if some of them already ventured into personal territory. She was always nice about it though, and since then I became a solid fan of hers. Every time I see a giveaway for print copies of her books, I'd join in hopes that the heavens will smile upon me for the second time and grant them to me! Print copies are, unfortunately, not sold at bookstores at Manila, let alone here in my tiny city.

So... when I saw the title of the post, I was immediately scared. I'll admit, part of me was incredibly selfish because I thought, I hope she's well because I want her to write more books! Seconds after that thought went through my mind, I immediately chastised myself and felt guilty. I shouldn't want her to be well just because I want to read more of her work, but because she is a good person whom I really like. She's a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend and an inspiration to many people.

Nevertheless, I breathed a sigh of relief when RK Lilley wrote in her blog that after going through tests and surgery, her malignant sarcoma is now gone! G-O-N-E. Gone! =D

It warms my heart knowing that she wrote parts of LOVELY TRIGGER in waiting rooms. I became an even bigger fan knowing hat even though she was in such a serious and scary period in her life, she still continued to write and deliver to her fans a story they've all been waiting for.

May we all be reminded, as RK Lilley reminds us in her blog post, that early detection and immediate medical treatment are keys to beating cancer. Make every effort to have a healthy lifestyle. Even if you're not a famous author, a celebrity, a politician or an important person in society, you have family and friends who care for you and will hurt to see you in pain. Life is meant to be cherished. There are so many things to be experienced, too many books to read..! Hahahah! Let's all do our best to stay healthy and enjoy all the good things life can offer.



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