What's Up This Week? March 17-22

Sooo.. I've thought about doing a post like this for a long time now, only I never seem to have enough time. But I said to myself, "No, I'm DOING this!" hahahahha!

So sorry I've been MIA since three days ago.. I've been so exhausted with work last week, I was becoming physically and emotionally stressed. I've had a constant pressure at the base of my head, so I was advised to stay in bed and rest for a while. NO LOOKING AT THE COMPUTER MONITOR FOR HOURS! While I was glad for the rest, I'm so annoyed at myself for missing a post I have been looking forward to since three weeks ago!!!! Grrrr... I'm talking about RIVAL by Penelope Douglas!

Check out the cover reveal here.

Also up today/tonight will be my ARC review of MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover! Such an amazing experience, I'm telling you.. music and books together? Magic. :) Been putting off writing my review last week. Look what happened now, it's about to be released tomorrow. Ugghh.. I suck.

I am also very excited to begin reading SPIN by CD Reiss! I wanted to read her books for the loooongest time now. By the way, BEG (Songs of Submission #1) is free on Amazon.


Other books I'm yet to write reviews for (I promise to put them up this week! Giving myself a deadline!), and I;m very excited because most of them are 5-star reviews for me! :D


BETTER by Carey Heywood ~ 5stars
RENEGADE LADY by Dawn Martens & Emily Minton ~ 5stars
UNBEARABLE GUILT by Emma Grayson ~ 4 stars

Watch out for these book tour stops for the week too:

Blog Tours with reviews

ROAR by Aria Cage - Blog tour stop will be today for me, tomorrow for most of you guys, March 17.
A REASON TO BREATHE by CP Smith - March 19
THE FIXER SERIES by Alyson Raynes - March 22

Cover Reveals

RIVAL by Penelope Douglas - March 17
THE RENTAL by Rebecca Berto - March 18
OUT OF MIND by Jen McLaughlin - March 19

I hope everyone will have an awesome week! 



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