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Released On: February 28, 2014
Their Second Chance
by April Angel

4 stars

I didn't realize this was a short story until I browsed through the reviews on Goodreads. Most of the time I end up wanting more from short stories, but not with this one! I really like THEIR SECOND CHANCE :). Although it starts on a sad note for the main characters, it really is a sweet story at heart, and I loved that about this short book.

Nick and Ariana were very much in love and happy during the first five years of their marriage. It wasn't only until the last two years when the pressure of having a child took a toll on their relationship. Their lack of communication and their tendencies to close off the other during emotionally stressful times didn't help matters. As both got lost in their personal pains, they didn't realize that they were already pushing each other away when what they needed to do was open up and support one another.

It was so sad to read about what Ari went through with her difficulty in getting pregnant and dealing with her bitch of a mother in law. It was also enlightening to read Nick's thoughts and feelings on how his wife seemed to have lost interest in him and in their marriage as she became too wrapped up with her desire to conceive. This story shows precisely how difficult a pending separation will always be for people who still love each other, but are both thinking that love doesn't seem to be enough anymore.
One locked door and plenty of time to hash out their problems will either leave them broken forever or might just be the glue that holds them together.

A certain event that happens at the very beginning becomes the turning point for Nick and Ari. It forces them to really talk and listen to each other. I know other readers have been saying what happened then was so absurd and unrealistic. I disagree, though. I think what happened was very possible because these two people have so much history. Both were already very emotional before it happened. Ari kept replaying their marriage in her mind, questioning what went wrong. Nick was doing the same thing too. When faced with the possibility of dying, those already-strong emotions would understandably move further to the fore. I totally get if their emotions overwhelm their instinct for self-preservation.

The next 75% of the book shows the things that could happen when a couple on the verge of separation decide to try again. I smiled a lot at Nick's sweetness and felt proud for Ari's strength. Readers will also find out what contributed to their falling out. I'd say the biggest factor was Nick's mom. >.< She is monster-in-law personified! She is selfish, close-minded and such a hover-er. I totally don't buy her reasons for acting the way she did. I just can't.... ugggghhh! You'll hate her too, I just know it! 

I didn't really know how Nick and Ariana's love story will end until the very last chapter of the book. April Angel did a remarkable job conveying a lot of emotions, angst, and delivering a solid plot considering that THEIR SECOND CHANCE is only a 200-page novel. The story has the makings of a longer-length novel, actually! Congrats to her, and hopefully she'll pen a longer novel next time. :)

As part of the blog tour for THEIR SECOND CHANCE, I have asked April Angel to give us her favorite quotes or lines from the book. Check out mine below too! I didn't read her favorite lines, for the record. Let's see if we have some in common!

April Angel's Top 5 Favorite Quotes/Lines

  1. “I did want kids. Just not at the expense of losing you.” – What woman wouldn’t want to hear that she is more important to her man than anything else?

  2. His head lowered, tentatively, almost as if he were afraid she’d reject him, until their faces were mere millimeters from each other. She held her breath and waited…and wanted. – This first kiss between them. It was magical.

  3. “I didn’t come here to make love with you. As much as I want you, I think tonight should be about us reconnecting in the area we had issues with: Communication.” – A man after my heart. 

  4. She gulped, and another sob racked her. She slapped a hand over her mouth, trying to hold back the pain of old wounds being torn open all over again. How could she survive the past? – I know this was one of the hardest parts to write. I could feel her pain.

  5. Struggling to hold back the tears that wouldn’t stay in his eyes, he choked while grasping her warm hand to his face. Breathing hurt. Watching his family fight to survive hurt. – And this is my Nick moment. The pain he felt was real. I knew then that this man was special.

Here’s a Bonus one.

No matter how many hardships they’d had to endure, as long as they communicated and held strong as a couple, nothing could ever break them up again. – Because it’s real.

Now it's my turn!

Jay's Top 5 Favorite Quotes/Lines

  1. He'd wanted her since the first time he'd seen her, waiting to tutor him at the college library. He may have failed the class, but he'd gained the only woman to touch his heart. – Only two sentences, but I learned so much about their history and Nick's feelings for Ari. Plus it's sweet!

  2. "You don't have to be lonely anymore. I'm here with you." – One of the numerous "awwww" moments!

  3. "Fall, sweetheart, I'll catch you."  – I'm normally not one for cheesy lines, but this was spoken at just the right moment. <3

  4. "If you ever find one of those understanding mother-in-laws with a single son, send me in that direction."  – This was such an ice-breaker, I loved that this line appeared when it did!

  5. "A lot of people will tell you that it hurts to be without the person you love, but the truth is that it's like living with no purpose. Without her... I can't imagine my life without her. She's my soul."  – Okay, I know this is more than one line =D but I can't help it. Nick says the sweetest things. Kudos again to the author for not making this sound too cheesy! Love how sincere it sounds.
I have one last favorite line, but I'll put it up as a spoiler. Read at your own risk! LOL Sorry, I just can't resist...!

SPOILER: [ "Sometimes, love was enough."  :) ]

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