Blogging Reboot

I am slowly resurrecting from a blogging funk. The past few weeks just had me feeling emotionally and physically exhausted that even reading, the one thing I love doing most in the world, became a chore.

This also means I have missed several scheduled posts and reviews. To the parties I had disappointed, I am very sorry. I will make up for my slack by posting my due reviews and promo posts here and on FB, probably a giveaway too. It's waaaaaay overdue, considering I had wanted to do it so much for months now...!

My blogging funk may have been very unwelcome and had come at a very unfortunate time, it did made me realize that I need to take a different approach at book blogging. Most of my posts are promotional and the contents are prepared for posting. Sure, I put in my own intro sometimes and inject my thoughts... but it's just not the same. Seems like I lost touch of what blogging really is all about: sharing my own thoughts, experiences, and whatnot to the blogosphere.

So here are my goals from now on:

  • Be more diligent in writing reviews!!!
  • Make a weekly post about titles that catch my attention.
  • Complete the redesign for the blog (it's taking shape now, but still quite bare).
  • Choose to read books I want to read now.
  • Start reading the paperbacks and hardbounds I've been hoarding all these months!
  • Push through with an Instagram account for the blog. Been dying to post pics of my favorite book passages!

When I started In My Room Reading I was so excited thinking I can do everything by myself. Research books, read books, review, post promo materials, gather buy links, personalize my blog, etc... There were indeed fun moments for me. The problem is I have a full-time job that constitutes me staring at a computer for 8-12 hours a day. The last thing I want to do when I get home is face a computer monitor again. What aggravated my funk was that posting started to feel like a job, too.

Now I just want to be more... chill about blogging. :) I want it to be more me now.

Blog happily. :)



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