Breaking my NA reading streak.

I've read four amazing contemporary/NA romances since my epic funk. It usually takes a couple more books before what I read starts feeling redundant, but then I saw THIS book at Booksale!

Elizabeth Hoyt's WICKED INTENTIONS, book 1 in the Maiden Lane series! I've read two others of her Legend of the Four Soldiers series, and I really enjoy her writing. The Maiden Lane series I've wanted to start for so long...! There are already 7 books out in stores, with the 8th one to be published next year. I got a long way to go in this series! But back to the main topic...

I normally read something like this, a historical romance, in between my review readings. It keeps my mind and emotions fresh. When you've had a lengthy NA reading streak, there comes a point when all plots from the books seem to bleed into one story. I'd end up getting confused and interchanging events and characters from one book to another.

If you're not a fan of historical romances, here are some selling points that, by personal experience, can give you immense reading satisfaction:

  • You usually get toe-curling romance. =D
  • On one hand, the plot tends to be less complicated. The women don't go to work, the gentlemen rarely so and if they do they conduct it at home. Can't tell you how many HR's I've read with squee-worthy study scenes!
  • Libraries! Beauty & the Beast-esque.
  • The imagery of the settings and the scenes. Beautiful parks, grand estates, grand balls, misty meadows at dawn, horseback riding... it's all so visually (albeit imaginary) romantic. <3
  • The ladies in gowns. 
  • The heroes in cravats, coats and riding boots.
  • The dawn duels! Some are sad, exciting, or terrifying, but I love the ones that end up amusing.
  • Heroes in historical romances are the first alphas, I tell you. The best part is they can be all, "I'll provide for you and protect you" without sounding cheesy because that is indeed how they should be during their era. As the reader, I can just savor it all and not be conflicted with thoughts of, "what an overreacting caveman!".

Now here are my favorite historical romance authors:

  • Elizabeth Hoyt - as I've said, Maiden Lane series. 
  • Lisa Kleypas - I highly recommend her Again the Magic, The Wallflowers series and The Hathaways series! In that order. Plus The Gamblers series and Stranger In My Arms.  
  • Julia Quinn - the Bridgerton series is sweet! My favorite is book 3, An Offer From A Gentleman. It's like Cinderella! Also When He Was Wicked. It's a touching story about a second change at love (her) and grabbing the chance to fight for your unrequited love (him).
  • Charlotte Featherstone - Addicted and Sinful are epic! No words can describe my admiration for those books. Well-written, very poetic, and the angst and emotions are just through the roof. Borrowed them at a library, but it's so sad now because I can't at all find physical copies of these books! =(
  • Sarah MacLean - I fell in love with Nine Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake. It's about an ugly duckling, a spinster, who wins the heart of the most handsome man with a wicked reputation. I could relate to her insecurities. She's very spirited though and that's why she ends up with her HEA. =)

So, these are my go-to authors and books whenever I need a break from contemporary romances and NA. How about you, do you have your own "in-between" or refresher books?



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