2015 New Year's Resolutions!

One year and three months into blogging, and I still have a lot to improve on! I thought this would be an easy-breezy hobby (haha, silly me) that I can just insert between breaks at work and when I'm at home.. but it turns out that (a) I'm not so good at multitasking if the other task is watching TV/movies, and (b) if I want to get far in my work career, I will have to cut down my reading hours. Which is very sad because it's been trimmed down a lot already in the past year. *sob*

So anyway... taking into consideration these realizations and more, I thought of laying down the law for myself in 2015. This will be a battle, I'm sure of it! *silent scream* I am also aware of my many faults as a blogger, so I'm going to do something about that as well. Here goes.

  1. Make use of the apps I installed on my phone to update Twitter, IG and FB. Oh, and I have Tsu now too! :) 
  2. Have the guts to ask my website designer friend to have a look at my blog and teach me how to insert a banner. We're talking codes here, you know!
  3. Dedicate an hour or two for the blog everyday.
  4. Finish writing the reviews I owe.
  5. Make a dent on my NetGalley dashboard *sigh*.
  6. Limit my blog tour sign ups so that I can do number 5.
  7. Hold giveaways!
  8. Take pictures of my books and share on IG. I've long wanted to do that... why haven't I done that yet...
  9. Write more personal posts like this one.
  10. Learn to write shorter reviews.
  11. Expand my knowledge of photoshop.
  12. Clean out my inbox.
  13. Be more communicative with the authors I love.
  14. Email an author if I didn't really like his/her book, but I'm slated for a review in a tour.
  15. Go jogging in the mornings. 

I thought to add number 15 for health and sanity purposes. May the cardio workout do wonders for the bulk I saved up over Christmas and New Year, and may the increased oxygen flow in my brain make me more alert and refreshed to write more than one review at a time.

Oh yeah.

2015... bring it on!

UPDATE: I forgot to add one more thing!

  16. Make my reviews as spoiler-free as possible.




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