ARC Review: Overruled by Emma Chase

My rating: ★★★★
"...falling for your 'friends with benefits' would be a dumb move, and I'm no dummy."
This is one fun book! I was hesitant at first because I don't really enjoy books with infidelity or love triangles. Upon closer inspection of the synopsis though, it is clear that (a) there is nothing official between the hero and the baby-mommy; (b) the couple who will end up together is pretty obvious; and (c) with Emma Chase on the helm, this is bound to be a fun and light read!

I was not disappointed on all three points, which I'm really happy about!  Stanton and Sofia are two very smart and witty lawyers with a great sense of humor. From the first page to the end, their chemistry is evident and their sexy times are smoking!

If you think about it, the premise of this story would normally have any self-respecting woman irritated beyond belief. We have a man who is determined to win back Jenny, his ex and the mother of his daughter. He wants stop her upcoming wedding and marry her himself. He is so determined to do it, he leaves his high-profile work in the city, returns to his hometown and brings along a close friend to help him in his quest. The catch? He and said close friend have a "with-benefits" relationship. They even continue having sex when they arrive at his hometown, in between talks about what he should do to impress Jenny and convince her to leave her fiancé. That's just sleazy!

Credits to Emma Chase's writing because in spite of all that, this story still worked for me. In the hands of another author, this might have been a dramatic, angsty story, and I probably would have hated it. It would have annoyed me to no end. OVERRULED however took the lighter route, which for me was a great way to tell the story.

I love that the author didn't paint Jenny as this awful harpy. She's actually a very nice, feisty and likeable woman. She's a cool mom and a cool ex. Their daughter Presley grew up into a smart and considerate kid who loved both her parents even if they're not married. They chat with Stanton on Skype almost every day. Jenny and Stanton are like essentially best friends.
"There are all kinds of love, Stanton. Ours is what makes the best kind of bond, one that will last our whole life. But it's not the marryin' kind."

It was honestly sad to think that once upon a time, a young Jenny and a young Stanton were in love and promised each other forever. It got me thinking how many young lovers out there end up parting ways... it was just so sad.

Fortunately for them they later find people who are more compatible with their personalities and respective life choices (ex: Jenny is a country girl, while Stanton thrives in the city). Her fiancé, JD, is a really decent guy; and of course, there's Sofia.

Smart, sassy, funny and witty Sofia. She has just the right balance of city girl who should've known better than to bring stiletto boots in a farm, and a girl who is game to experience what the country has to offer. In the courtroom she is a posh, ruthless lawyer; but with her family, she's the baby princess whom her parents and brothers will flock to when she needs them most. I love her personality, humor and contradictions.
"You should be polite. Charming--show her you're the bigger man."
I nudge her with my elbow. "Bigger is better--and his f****n' nickname was Sausage Link, so it looks like I've got the monopoly on bigger."

Whenever Stanton is with Sofia, he seems more animated. They don't run out of things to talk and laugh about. It becomes very obvious to the reader and everyone around them that in spite of their "just co-workers" excuse, there is something more going on with them. Obviously though, he is too slow to recognize his jealousy and possessiveness where Sofia is concerned. To be honest, there were a few moments when my heart cracked for her. How and when Stanton realizes the depth of his feelings for her is something readers can look forward to.

The secondary characters were equally fun! They gave this book a small-town vibe. You know, those stories wherein the entire town knows what's up with the main characters? Where gossip travels faster than a car in zero traffic? Some of them are nice, some are mean, some are borderline crazy, and most of them are endearing. Plus, Drew Evans makes an appearance! Yep, Drew from the Tangled Series. That was a treat!

Stanton and Jenny's daughter, Presley, was such a cute little girl--especially when she's acting more like a grown up! Nana, Jenny's grandmother, was one character I did not expect to like so much. She's a crazy old bat who sits all day in the porch with a shotgun cradled on her lap, but her mind is as sharp as anyone else's. Her conversation with Stanton had my favorite lines in this book.
"It is important that a woman doesn't feel like the ugly sister. The second, lesser choice, That's a bitterness that won't sweeten."

Such true words!

This story is a really great weekend read. It's a funny (as one can expect from Emma Chase), sexy and feel-good read that's great for relieving stress from the work week! I enjoyed reading this in the evenings after a hectic day at work because I always ended up laughing my head off with the dialogue and the antics of the secondary characters! All in all, this is a happy read that you guys can add to your Emma Chase collection.

** My sincerest thanks to the publisher for the advance reading copy!



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