Blog Tour Review: Dirty Billionaire by Meghan March

★★★★☆ 4.5 steamy stars!

"My Christmas Eve one-night stand was supposed to be just that--one night. And now I'm married to him."

Meghan March promised us that this new series is going to be her steamiest yet, and guess what? She did deliver. =) I started reading DIRTY BILLIONAIRE at the gym. I almost fell over the treadmill and the elliptical a couple of times because I had to look over my shoulder and make sure there was no one standing behind me. Goodness, Creighton Karas has an incredibly filthy mouth! He lives up to the tone of the synopsis, really. Just a bit more... businessman-like, I should say. The synopsis made him sound like a reckless young man, almost like a manwhore rockstar.

So, we have Holly Wix, a country singer who aspires for a brighter spotlight. She's stuck in a PR stunt to revive the dying career of her record label's top male star. She's being driven to the wall with their latest demand: agree to a fake engagement with said top male star and endure the next several months as the joke of town. Sick and tired of her situation but knowing that she has no choice, she wanted to do one act of rebellion before the staged engagement. She decided to have a one night stand. It just so happens that the guy she picked is Creighton, a man who goes after what he wants and pulls out all the stops to get it. And after that one night together, Creighton decides he wants more of Holly. Exclusively. Yes, that means marriage. He's that intense!

I did not expect what followed next. Of course, there are a couple more sexy scenes (these two are married, after all), but the main conflict became Holly's career and how she ranks in Creighton's list of priorities. Creighton is a busy man, and that's a given because he's a billionaire. Meghan March proceeds to establish how much Holly values her career. This is her dream, and she's already very talented but she also works very hard for it. She may have married this man on a whim, and she may have done it for her career... but there's also a part of her that hopes the relationship will develop into something more meaningful. As they grow closer emotionally, and as they share more significant moments together, she began to hope that Creighton would value her life goals and dreams as much as he values his own businesses.

DIRTY BILLIONAIRE ends badly for these two, and I remember going, "Shucks, that's it?!" when I reached the last page. This is a shorter than Meghan March's Beneath Series, and I guess it's because she really meant to tell Holly and Creighton's story in three books. I was caught off guard by the ending though, and overall I felt wanting just a little bit more in terms of length and story. I wanted the next book asap because it felt like I need a little bit more...!

So, DIRTY BILLIONAIRE comes highly recommended if you are in the mood for smut *wink2* because this book is really smoking! It was a nice jolt for me because I was starting to descend to a slump, reading books of the same wavelength... it was like accidentally biting onto a tiny green jalopeno, haha! Oh, and you might want to read with your back to a wall, just saying! Unless you're in the company of fellow romance readers, it could be a tad embarrassing if someone reads one of Creighton's lines. =)

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