ARC Review: Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

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This review has been a long time coming! But first things forst: I LOVED THIS STORY! =D

I am absolutely satisfied on all levels. Plot-wise, Everywhere and Every Way kept me entertained and eagerly waiting for what happens next. To be honest, the premise is very similar to Nora Roberts' Montana Sky, but it no longer mattered once I started reading the story. This set of characters have their own respective stories to tell. I very quickly realized which secondary characters will get their own stories (...aaaaand, which pair is going to be next! Can't wait for that one. You'll know, too, once you finish this book.)

Caleb and Morgan have chemistry, just not the fall-into-bed-everyday type. Their romance builds slowly but surely, and in a manner that made me look forward to their happy ending. Morgan was a go-getter without being an annoying ball-buster just for the heck of it. I love that she's still girly-girl on the site, complete with a customized, pink hard hat! Caleb was definitely thrown off by her sure attitude and legitimate knowledge in building. Speaking of Caleb, I love that Jennifer Probst didn't spend too much time describing his physique, which is often the case when the hero is a contractor, or has a physically demanding job that will allow them to take their shirts off. 

Caleb's relationship with the other two Pierce brothers, Tristan and Dalton, was also a joy to read. Tristan is wine and suits, while Dalton is sun and woodworking. All brothers are have different interests, strengths and personalities, and this made for interesting bickering and conversations. I look forward to reading more of their dynamics in the future books. 

Although my initial impression of Dalton is that of a slightly immature man who needs to figure himself out, the ending made me look forward to his story! Looks like he is in for one heck of a ride with a compelling, intriguing, and mysterious secondary character. Tristan is a stuck-up suit LOL just kidding! There's an obvious attraction between him and yet another interesting young lady, and I think she will be the one to poke and prod him into being more fun.

At the heart of this is the story of family. The backstory as to why the brothers are estranged is heartbreaking. I believe it's going to be tackled further in the next installment (Dalton and Raven's story). Ohhh, I have a strong feeling that one will be quite a tearjerker..!

There's definitely more to look forward to in this series, and I can't wait for Jennifer Probst to give us the next one!

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