Review: Sarah Mine by Rianne Colton


Disinherited and disenchanted, photojournalist Hill Deveraux has returned to his hometown and to Sarah James. A quick tumble in her bed and things usually look better for him. 

However, the Sarah he's come back to has changed from the girl he walked away from five years ago. There are secrets in her sad eyes and she's doing everything in her power to push him away. 

Hill is going to have man up and figure out what she means to him, because every time she tells him to go he's unable to stay away. When he learns Sarah's secrets his life and heart will never be the same.

4 stars

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It's quite short, just 100 pages in Amazon's book details, but it totally reeled me in. I felt both satisfied and still itching for more when I finished reading it. It was emotional, and had the makings of a full-length novel or even a series. 

As much as I wanted this to be a longer read, I do appreciate the length of the book. It had just the right amount of angst and drama to make me feel for Sarah and Hill. Given the nature of the conflicts in the story, it had the potential of being...too much. But since the narrative was short and concise, I got all the right emotions without ever thinking it went over the top.

I liked that we were introduced to Sarah when she was already at a good place in life. If the story started earlier when she was still in the grasp of her demons, I think I might have disliked her a lot. Both her and Hill, actually. The story takes place in the "redemption" and "recovery" stage of their young lives though, so even if the truths of the past keep coming back to Sarah and Hill, you will still look forward to a wonderful ending for the both of them.

What I really like about Sarah Mine is it focuses on the relationship of the main characters. There are no unnecessary conflicts. For me, Riann Colton did the right thing by avoiding those predictable storylines and concentrating instead on the maturity of Sarah and Hill's relationship. 

Special mention to Jax, Hill's brother. He's an amazing character. I'd love to have him as my own big brother! Readers will get a summarized version of his story in Sarah Mine, but I hope we'll get to read a longer, more detailed version of it..! **crossing fingers! 

Riann Colton is hugely talented. I love her way with words. It brought me right into the minds of the characters on page. Images and scenes formed in my mind as I read, and they were usually the soft, serene kind. 

I really hope Riann Colton will be writing longer novels in the future! 

Here are my favorite quotes:

Hill: “I’m taking pictures.” And I was. Fast, mental snapshots of Sarah.

Jax: " have to remember the light after you see the dark. It’s why you go back to Sarah. She’s alive, she’s living.”



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