Review: Jilted by Kara Leigh Miller


Amy and Brett have been friends since they were kids; and their friendship has withstood the test of time. But can it withstand Brett's fiancĂ©e, Vanessa? 

Brett Hudson has often wondered what it would be like to be more than Amy's friend, but when he's chosen as the newest professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars, he meets Vanessa, one of the shows costume designers and it's a whirlwind romance that ends in a wedding proposal. As the big day draws closer, Brett begins to think that marrying Vanessa might be a bad idea. She wants him to give up Amy. Completely. Will he give up his best friend for the woman he's supposed to marry?

Amy King is heartbroken to learn that Brett is marrying another woman. But, when Brett is jilted at the altar, he begs Amy to go on his honeymoon with him. A week on a tropical island with her best friend, the man she's fantasized about for years is a dream come true for Amy. But when Brett suggest crossing the line from friends to lovers, Amy is reluctant. Will she risk years of friendship for one night of passion?

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3 stars

Jilted is an enjoyable read. I was attracted to it because I'm a sucker for best-friends-to-lovers stories. They're usually very sweet and toe-curling, and I think Jilted had a bit of that. 

I would have loved to have read more about Amy and Brett on the dance floor. I think them training kids to dance could have made a lot of sweet scenes between the two. 

Vanessa, the fiance who jilted Brett, was pretty inconsistent for me though. She first appeared vapid, what with her giving Amy the evil eye when they first met and then throwing a fit when Brett spent an evening with his best friend. But later, on her last appearance in the book, she seemed a lot nicer. I don't know, that was the vibe I got from her. Maybe it's in the way the scene was written..? It was the perfect time for her to flip out and be nasty, but she just appeared meek. I also thought it was very abrupt the way she backed out of the wedding. There was not enough story built up leading to that event, in my opinion.

But overall, it is pretty good. I'd recommend this on a lazy day, and you only have like three hours of free time to kill. It's a feel-good story, there's no annoying angst, and it ends with an HEA. :)

**Thank you to author for providing me with a copy for review!



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