ARC Review: Three Broken Promises by Monica Murphy

Released On: December 31, 2013
Three Broken Promises
by Monica Murphy
Book 3 of the Drew+Fable Series

4 stars

From the moment I realized that there's something going on between Colin and Jen in Second Chance Boyfriend, I was already keen to know more about their story. I just love pairings that have a past history, and if that history dates way back to teenage and childhood years, I am sold! In this case, the tie that bonded the two characters was Danny, Jen's brother and Colin's best friend, who died as a soldier in Iraq.

In Second Chance Boyfriend, honestly I first thought that Colin was a pimp :p and I sat in fear that he will become the third in Drew and Fable's love story. Thank God that didn't happen! First of all, I'd hate for anything to go between Drew and Fable, they are perfect for each other. Secondly, there's Jen. You can just tell that there are strong emotions where she is concerned even if they both just shrug their shoulders and let other people's questions about their relationship roll over their shoulders.

Ok so! On to the story and the characters.

Colin is a wealthy young man and owns the restaurante where Jen (and Fable) works. He feels that he owes it to Danny to help Jen in any and every way possible. That's why he let's her stay in his home for free. This is the same reason why the rest of the restaurant staff are curious about the two of them. Still, Colin is the boss and Jen is a well-liked colleague and is respected as a leader, so there are no troubles at work.

Outside of work, well, now that's a different story. Jen recognizes that she has feelings for Colin, feelings that can take root and take over her heart if she allows things to proceed as they are. She knows she is being stagnant staying at Colin's and working at his restaurant. She knows she needs to learn to be responsible and independent, and that she won't be able to do that if she stays.
He provides the place I live, my job. He does it all with no strings attached, or so he claims.
A deep, dark secret part of me wishes there were strings. Plenty of strings that tie me to him, bind us together until we're so connected that we'd become one long word. Not just Jen. Not just Colin.
No way is that gonna happen.
So if I can't have him ... then I'm going to claim my freedom completely.

Colin was such a guy when he first learned of Jen's intention to leave. The conversation goes like, you have free board and a well-paying job, what else are you looking for? He vocally protests her plans and keeps saying he owes it to Danny to look after Jen. But of course, there's a much bigger reason why he doesn't want her to leave. Colin doesn't admit it to himself at first, but his regard for Jen has grown to so much more than just his best friend's little sister.
Only one woman is off limits... Besides, there has to be something untouchable and holy in my world, right? She's it. The sweet little girl I knew when we were kids. The pretty teenager who I tried my best not to look at for fear she'd know I was lusting after her.
I'm scared I'll ruin our relationship if I take it further. I need her friendship more than I want her body.
Well. Just barely.

Another issue for both of them is that they think they don't deserve the other. It's like they both put each other on a pedestal. Her, the sweet younger sister, and him, the successful businessman who can have a much better woman. Jen at least admits that she has feeling for Colin. She tries to initiate intimacy, but Colin is steadfast in denying her. Well, at least until he finally caved in. *wink!* Good for him that he did, because otherwise Jen would be gone forever.
I have to be honest and tell her how I feel. I need her. Desperately. Losing her would be like losing a part of myself. I can't risk it. I think... holy shit, I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her.

It is also hinted since the beginning that Jen has done something she is extremely ashamed of, and that she's terrified of Colin and everyone else knowing about it. After her brother's death, her parents parents became neglectful and it drove her to run away. She was forced to make a living as a stripper.. and other things besides. :( It was really a good thing that Colin found her and took her in.

There were also lots of LOL moments in the story. Fable and Jen have more conversations in this book, and their banter is often snarky and witty. When Colin is being a guy and can't seem to "get" the signals Jen is sending out, some of those moments were really funny as well. Oh, and a vital scene between Colin and Drew had me laughing out loud too! I'm not sure if Monica Murphy intended it to be funny, but I dunno, it just tickled me!
He's insulting my manhood, for the love of God! He called me a pussy and said I had no balls.
Fuck that noise. I'm outta here.

Once again, Monica Murphy has written an endearing story. She has a way with words that makes you not want to stop reading her books until you reach the end. Three Broken Promises is a definite must-read for fans of the Drew+Fable series. If you haven't read the first two books yet, no worries because this can be read as a standalone. This is a wonderful romance that ends in a happy ending. :)

*I received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group - Bantam Del via Netgalley.
**The quotes from this book may be slightly different in the final sale copy.

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