Blog Tour: Reward of Three by Kelly Jamieson + Reviews of Rule of Three and Rhythm of Three

When I first saw the opportunity to read and review this series, I thought it would be interesting to read about a polyamorous relationship. Sure, there are plenty of menage stories both published and unpublished, but I haven't read one yet wherein in a MMF relationship, the males are also in love with each other, just as they love the female. 

As part of the blog tour for REWARD OF THREE, the third and final book of the Rule of Three series by Kelly Jamieson, here are my reviews for RULE OF THREE and RHYTHM OF THREE.

Rule of Three (Rule of Three, #1)
Rule of Three
Book 1 of the Rule of Three Series
4 stars

This book, this series actually, gave me a lot of insight about polyamorous relationships. This is different from your typical ménage, whether MMF or FFM. In polyamorous relationships, everyone in the relationship is in love with each other.

In RULE OF THREE, we start out by meeting a couple who've been together for years and yet are still very much in love with each other. Chris and Kassidy are very ideal for one another. They are truly in love, intimacy and sex are not a problem, they support each other's careers, and each of them are loved by their in-laws. Enter Dag, Chris's old best friend whom he hasn't seen for years. We quickly find out that Dag has been avoiding getting together with Chris because he realized he is in love with his best friend, and Chris just doesn't seem to swing his way. He's in town now though, after selling out a business that has made him madly rich. After all the years of not seeing each other, surely there's no harm in getting in touch again. Right?

However, Dag's feelings for Chris were in no way diminished. It didn't help that there was also a spark of attraction between him and Kassidy. Chris for one missed his best friend so much, but he's not recognizing that it's already attraction on his part. 

RULE OF THREE basically introduces the possibility of a poly-relationship for these characters. I so wanted to find out how and when they'll realize they are actually in love with one another, it made the story go by quickly for me. The little jealousies, feelings of being the third party, hurt pride and other little conflicts added more meat and authenticity, in my opinion.

What I liked most is that the story touched on the issues that people in this type of relationships face. It's a challenge in itself for two people to find harmony in living together, from household routine to who gets to spend for their material needs. What more for three people, right? I also liked how realistic it is that the characters themselves were aware of the implications of having such a relationship to their careers, to their social lives, and to how their families will look at them, accept them or not.

This book is without question sizzling--really, really sizzling!--but that's not the best part. The realistic look into how people in poly-relationships live and go about their regular, everyday affairs was the most interesting for me. Kelly Jamieson certainly touched on plenty of valid points. It's not like the typical ménage stories that are so pigeonholed, they end when the characters say “I love you” and all jump together in bed.  Everything is a-ok, and screw the world! But nope, not for Chris, Kassidy and Dag. By the end of RULE OF THREE, readers know these characters still have a lot to face. 

Rhythm of Three (Rule of Three, #2)
Rhythm of Three
Book 2 of the Rule of Three Series
3 stars

This one's shorter--or at least it felt like it--than the first book. As I ended with my review for book 1, RHYTHM OF THREE tackles a second batch of problems for Kassidy, Chris and Dag.

I like to think of the acceptance of their attractions to each other as the first batch of problems (LOL!). Seriously, it was such a HUGE deal for Chris to admit that he is just as in love with Dag as he is with Kassidy. The pride of these two guys, plus the fact that Kassidy isn't a simpering damsel who just lets the men decide things for her, also created conflicts where living arrangements are concerned. Those are more or less resolved in book 1.

Now, what we're seeing is how these lovers will deal with the rest of the world. The second book begins pretty much right after the first one ended. After the night of opening themselves up to each other and admitting their love… what next?

This book concentrates on the social problems people in this type of relationship will undoubtedly face. Chris and Kassidy work in the same company, while Dag is a very skilled entrepreneur. The first two have always been careful about PDAs and whatnot while at work, so that didn't seem like a problem… but now, Dag is in the picture. Everyone knows Chris and Kassidy are a couple. To keep away gossip, Dag has to pretend to be just the friend, and it's unfair for him to not be able to show his affection for Kassidy or Chris. It's ok for the other two to hold hands in public, but he has to be like the third wheel. 

Then there's also the issue of family. Some have accepted this triad, some have not. It was really sad reading about the latter, but at the same time I couldn't help but think it's unbelievable that the people who did accept them could do so quite easily. But then, balance was necessary for this story, I guess, and it had to show all sides and perceptions that could spring up with regards to poly-relationships.

RHTYM OF THREE ends well, although not all issues are solved yet. It just establishes that Kassidy, Chris and Dag are now stronger together because of the problems they had to face. They were able to ask themselves if this relationship is worth all the awkwardness, alienation and judgment from other people. And you know what? They believe it is. :)

Reward of Three (Rule of Three, #3)
Reward of Three
Book 3 of the Rule of Three Series
3.5 stars

Book 3 is yet again shorter than the first book, just like Book 2. REWARD OF THREE is basically showing readers what's now going on with Chris, Kassidy and Dag. They have overcome a lot of hurdles, are currently facing some issues that are yet unsolved (mainly the objection of Chris's parents with their triad relationship), and now they are realizing yet again that more problems will have to be faced in the future.

The story opens with Kassidy being pregnant. It was cute how she divulged the good news to the two daddies, but the conversation that followed honestly felt too contrived for me. It was an informative conversation, but honestly I would have expected these two smart guys to know all about those things already. But this is just a minor thing! 

So anyway, the prospect of having a baby is well and good. A baby being born is always a cause of celebration and families getting together! However, Chris, Kassidy and Dag are also just starting to assess their abilities to raise a child. Chris's parents are not really talking to him. Dag hadn't experienced the love and care of his biological father, and so knows very little about how to become one. Kassidy is more optimistic, but she's also aware that her child might be subject to harsh judgment, among other things, because of their unconventional relationship.

Like in RHYTHM OF THREE, I appreciated the scenes where the characters voiced out their fears. I have said before, this series really gave me insight on this kind of relationships. I guess if ever I'll meet people who live and love this way, I'll be able to understand them more.

The epilogue finally puts an HEA in this series. I especially liked that Chris's dad remained a little uncomfortable with the idea of his son and his best friend being lovers. It was realistic that way.  

The title is really fitting as the final one in this series. Chris, Kassidy and Dag are now reaping the benefits of their courage and love. They chose to stand by their love for one another, and now they are rewarded with the chance to form their own family. They are surrounded by people who accepted them and remained their supportive friends through the years. I guess this is ultimately what people like them want the most in real life.

Book 1: Rule of Three

Book 2: Rhythm of Three

Book 3: Reward of Three

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