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Release Date: July 15, 2014
by Emma Chase
Book 3 of the Tangled Series
5 stars

I shared on FB how I was suffering from nursing my wisdom tooth when I started to read this book. So there I was, keeping my mouth shut and pressing a hot water bottle on my swollen left jaw. It hurts like hell to open my mouth widely, and I should have known better than to read TAMED that day. Why? Because I just had to laugh several times! Giggling was painless, and I did a lot of that too, but there were just scenes and lines that wrench a loud laugh from me. So after one HA! I'd clutch my left jaw. OW!!!


The timeline goes back to Book 1, TANGLED. So apparently, while Drew and Kate were dancing around each other and denying their attraction, Matthew and Delores are already getting hot and heavy. I really like this couple. They are straightforward with their attraction and even though it is clear from the start that Dee is very reluctant and wary. She was so willing to officially brand their one night together as a one-night-stand, but Matthew just wouldn't let her.

My first impression of Matthew in the earlier books was this: a joker, a clown who adores women and can leave a woman's bed as easily as fall into it. With Dee, my first thoughts of her were these: loud, slightly obnoxious, doesn't allow any man to make her feel little or incapable, and basically a tough chick all around. 

After reading TAMED I realized I had hits and misses for both characters. Sure, Matthew is one fun guy, but he's actually very much willing to make a commitment to the right woman--whom he knows to be Dee. Dee is also a tough woman indeed, but she's not obnoxious. Her clothes are loud and eye-catching, but she's actually pretty subdued. Vulnerable, most especially! She guards her heart very, very carefully, and it's thanks to Matthew's patience and his readiness to commit (which really shows in both his words and actions) that she begins to bring down her walls. I just love this one scene where they fight and Matthew throws up his hands in surrender and walks towards the door. But then he stops, turns right back around, and informs Dee that he changed his mind. She can't get rid of him that easily. =D That just melted my heart!

Now it sounds like this is an angsty story, lol! Sorry! I think there's just an equal balance of humor and seriousness in TAMED. I actually laughed less, but that didn't mean I loved this story less. Everything worked just right for Matthew and Dee. 

If it was the humor that you loved in TANGLED and TWISTED, don't worry though. Like I said, there are plenty of LOL moments here (my wisdom tooth twinges in recollection!). The story is narrated in Matthew's POV. Just like Drew, it was very enjoyable reading his voice. Romantic that I am, I really loved seeing Dee through his eyes..! And Dee herself didn't disappoint. She's just as spunky as she was the first time we met her in TANGLED, only this time we also get to see her vulnerable side. It's an endearing side of her that I didn't expect.

Even if you haven't read the first books in this series, TAMED can very much stand on its own. Emma Chase's writing makes the story very easy to read. The characters have lots of fun, but they are not shallow, immature or stupid. By the end, you'll also agree that Matthew and Dee are indeed a perfect pair even if they are opposites in appearance and initial impressions.

          She puts on the helmet, but doesn't climb on the Ducati right away. She stands on the sidewalk, hands on her hips, looking thoughtfully at it. "What would you say if I said I wanted to drive your motorcycle to the party?" 
          "I'd say you're shit out of luck. I don't ride bitch." 
          She knocks me upside the head—but my helmet softens the blow. "Then let me take it for a ride myself. Just around the block." 
          "I . . .don't think so."
          She pouts. 
          I sigh. "Have you ever driven a motorcycle before?" 
          "No, but I've always wanted to." 
          "Well, I've always wanted to fly, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna strap on a squirrel suit and skydive from the god damn Empire State Building." 
          She steps closer, and rubs her placating hands up my chest. "Come on, please? I'll be really careful and grateful. Really grateful. Like . . .deviantly, let you handcuff me to the bed, kind of grateful." 
          Forget the national broadcast system—this is the test. Am I going to stick to my man-guns, keep my pride, and protect my cherished vehicle from almost certain carnage? Or, am I going to be ruled by my dick and swayed by the promise of kinky, have-Dee-at-my-mercy-all-night-long, sex? 
          No contest. 
          "Riding bitch, it is."

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By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother of two who resides in a small, rural town in New Jersey. By night she is a keyboard crusader, toiling away the hours to bring her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine. Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.



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