It's my blog's Anniversary Month! Random thoughts commence...

I just realized that In My Room Reading is approaching its first anniversary! I can't believe how time flies. Seems like it was just last week that I was telling myself, "stop signing up for more tours..! It's more work than you think you can handle..!" LOL, I guess my mental response of, "Next month it won't be as many anymore, I PROMISE, next month!" got repeated around 8 times more than would have been appropriate!

As I sit here in this warm Sunday morning and think back on the past 12 months, I realize two important things:

1. Blogging is not always as enjoyable or as easy as it seems.
2. Blogging is a hobby; book blogging is a responsibility.

Why I Started Blogging

I was first encouraged to blog about my books by friends who know what a bookworm I am. People who'e seen me sitting in a corner with a book or my kindle stuck to my nose while everyone else is partying, playing badminton or shopping (yeah... I read in the mall. I'm boring like that =P) Finally in October of 2013 I got bored enough to start playing with Blogspot. Hence, In My Room Reading was born.

Prior to all this, I followed Aestas Book Blog, Anna's Attic, The Rockstars of Romance and countless other blogs. Since the major bookstores where I live don't always stock the books I want to read (suspense and YA take up most of their shelves), I would diligently join giveaways in hopes of winning an ebook or **squee!!** an actual paperback of the new releases I'm dying to read. Although I no longer join and win as many giveaways as before, blogging has allowed me the perk of getting ARC's =D which is truly one of the best things this hobby has given me!

Happiness in Reading & Reviewing

Being able to read and review a 5-star book makes me so giddy and happy. I'm not always sure if the authors get to read my reviews, but knowing that there are even just a few people who do always makes me happy and nervous at the same time.

If someone has read a review of mine and was able to carefully consider his or her next reading choice because of it; or if someone trusted my recommendation and gave a book I absolutely loved a try (and also loved it!), then all effort I've put so far into this blog has been worth it! :)


I have to admit that my blogging habits are flawed. Over the last 12 months, there were people I had disappointed and goals I failed to reach. I am truly sorry to those who count themselves as one of the former. As for the latter, I only have myself to blame. There were months when I bit more than I could chew, and there were also months when I slacked.

In My Room Reading may not reach the same level of popularity or authority as the wonderful blogs I follow; I may not become as good or as well-known as the bloggers whom I trust myself; but I will continue with this nonetheless. Because reading is my one true hobby, the one thing I know I loved and enjoyed ever since the first time I learned to do it in preschool.

Stories become a thing of magic when they touch my heart, making me feel and experience things that I normally wouldn't in real life. For a moment I don't just disappear into the world within a book's pages; I become the very characters whom I got to know, care for, and wish to be.

Reading truly is a magical thing, and I wish to continue to share my thoughts about the books I read, and share the ones I love to the rest of the world. 



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