Booksales, Warehouse Sales: A Heaven for Bookworms

Anyone who loves books and lives in the Philippines know that Booksale is a heaven! It's where we find rare titles and early-edition books. On really lucky days, you might even find a recent release still in perfect condition. Most of my paperbacks are actually bought from Booksale. Whenever I see large LBC boxes piled up in the corners in any of their branches---especially if the tag says the shipment is from Manila---it would feel just like Christmas! It means new books have arrived, just waiting to be discovered!

Booksale CDO Robinson's branch
Booksale is definitely the cheaper option for buying books. Most pocketbooks have dog-eared pages, creased spines and folds in the covers, but there are also many hardbounds and trade paperbacks that are practically brand new.

There are times though when the bigger book outlets in the country trump Booksale. National Bookstore's annual Warehouse Sale is the highlight of the year for Filipino bookworms! An entire warehouse filled with books of all genres, all of them at discounted prices! Plus, many shoppers have blogged about their total bills getting an additional price slash.

The NBS Warehouse Sale always makes me wish I lived in Manila! It's my dearest wish to be able to fly there one year. Not this year though because I'm saving up for the MIBF. Coz Colleen Hoover's coming to the Philippines!!! =D

Oh, and ending tomorrow is Powerbooks' Book Lovers Sale. Shame that we don't have a branch here in my hometown! :( I tortured myself yesterday by looking at the Instagram and Tumblr posts of other people's purchases... Panic by Lauren Oliver was only P100! Also books by Becca Fitzpatrick, Cassandra Clare, and, wait for it: Abbi Glines!! I died with jealousy.

My "when I get rich" promise is this: I'd finally be able to walk out of a bookstore not feeling sad because I'd have the book I wanted tucked in under my arm. A book lover's dream!



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