When Book Funds Run Dry... tears ensue.

I am just slightly, a little bit, just a wee bit... depressed. :( Oh yeah, I am sooo sad! I have been waiting for for a long for one of my favorite authors of all time to open orders for signed books. It finally happened yesterday! Unfortunately... my book funds have run dry. In fact my entire wallet has been completely deserted by its papery inhabitants.

Le Sigh.

I wanna cry...!

Anyway, so as not to be a wet blanket... :) Here is the link to Penelope Douglas's signed books order form. She only has 50 pieces per title (UK versions for Bully and Until You, US cover versions for Rival and Falling Away), so if you are a super fan right me, GO GET FILL OUT THAT FORM RIGHT NOW!

Signed BULLY SERIES (4 books) by Penelope Douglas ➜ http://bit.ly/1FuvCjy

For now, I will just console myself with the knowledge that she'll open signed books again on January 2016, and by then all US cover versions will be available! If you say January 2016 is still too far off... I totally agree. However, there's no making the impossible happen at the moment unless the world will suddenly present me with P4,000 tomorrow. Besides, I waited for a year for the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) 2015 because (OMG!) Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher will be present. Am still waiting, in fact, but time just flew by so quickly. It's already June! The MIBF is just 3 more months away, yippee!

Before you know it, the same thing will be running through my head about the January signed book orders. :)

Let the positive vibes flow in and chase away my depression! Though the purging can be done more quickly with a book-shopping fix.. but seriously, no.

"Just be patient, little one," says mature, patient Jay to pouty, impatient  Jay.

Buy Links

Book 1: Bully

Book 1.5: Until You

Book 2: Rival

Book 3: Falling Away

Book 4: Aflame



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