ARC Review: The Prince's Runaway Lover

★★★★ 4 stars!

"I know you think you can't have the fairy tale but I think we could. If you let me, I could make it so that midnight never comes for us."

This was a really satisfying book! I picked up the arc because I was in the mood for a brief romance. Normally I don't go for short books because the story tends to be rushed and would leave me unsatisfied. This one though has a really good, romantic story, one that has a buildup, climax, and a very satisfying and happy ending. That's what I love the most!

I loved the idea of Nicholas, an athlete with tattoos, the second son, stepping up to be the crown prince and very soon the king of his country. That Isabel worked as a gardener in the palace--and keeps a few other secrets besides--really gave the story a sweet, Cinderella feel. The way they got together felt natural. It didn't feel cheesy at all. I guess it helped that Nicholas is very much still the playboy athlete he once was!

For those who are fond of highlighting passages, this book has lots of sweet, romantic lines from Nicholas! Oohs and awwws kept pouring out of me. You'd just wish you're at the receiving end of those honest and heartfelt words..! Yep, this book definitely brought out my inner hopeless romantic.

All in all, THE PRINCE'S RUNAWAY LOVER delivered way more than I expected. Honestly, my expectations were not that high because of the title... since by previous experience, short romances with similarly-crafted titles were not that good. So that is my only... complaint, for the lack of a better word :p the title. On the other hand, I can also see the cleverness of it. There's no doubt the title can titillate die-hard romance readers. Along with Robin Covington's really good story and writing, readers will surely feel very satisfied after reading this book!

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