Book Review: The Moment of Letting Go by JA Redmerski

★★★☆ 3.5 stars

Let me start of by saying, I am a HUGE fan of JA Redmerski. I proudly share her books to anyone who's not yet bored of me speaking about her awesomeness. My utter fan-ness started with The Edge of Never, which really touched me profoundly. My obsession was secured after that book.

With THE MOMENT OF LETTING GO, I wasn't able to relate that much with the main character, Sienna. Ms. Redmerski tackles once again deep questions, like what is your true source of happiness in life, is money the measure of career success, should you always stay safe or dare to live..? These are quite similar to the personal questions she evoked from me with The Edge of Never, but the impact of this book wasn't that big as TEoN, for me at least.

I daresay there will be people who will relate to Sienna though. =) People who have paid so much attention to earning money and having a job as opposed to living to the fullest and experiencing what the world has to offer. I just scanned through Goodreads and I'm happy that many could relate to the story, the characters, and even became inspired by it.

The narration switches from Sienna's and Luke's POV's. This was really helpful because it was difficult to read Luke from Sienna's eyes, and the same thing the other way around. We get to know what's truly going on in their minds. Reading about their fears, self-doubts and hesitations was like taking a peek at my own self. Honestly, this is what this author makes you do when you read her contemporary romances! For four books now, I would find myself evaluating my own life and finding similar situations with her characters.. *smh* bookworms need to encounter reads like this once in a while.

Sienna and Luke have chemistry. I wouldn't go so far as saying that it's insta-love, but it was definitely instant attraction at first glance. They had their sexy times, but nothing excessive or over the top. The focus was really on how Luke helped Sienna overcome her fear of heights, among other things. On the other side as well we have Sienna urging Luke to find closure and self-forgiveness for things he had no control over. These two truly met at the right place and at the right moment of their lives.

Although the book doesn't quite feel like a 4 for me at the moment, it is definitely more than just 3 stars. The writing is excellent as always, and Ms. Redmerski's dramatic flair still shines here. It was just a slow read for me (slower than my reading of Song of the Fireflies). Plus, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop..! It was like watching Avengers: Age of Ultron, and having that a sense of foreboding where Hawkeye was concerned. It felt like that for the second half of the book, and considering my aversion to books that are "painful to read" (thanks John Green), my overall enjoyment while reading dipped. 

Still, JA Redmerski is a goddess =D and most certainly an author whose books deserve to be read by many, many, many people! 

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