My First BookOutlet Haul!

This post has been long overdue..! Earlier this year I made a post about ordering from BookOutlet through online buying services with affiliations or addresses and banking details in the United States. As a Philippine resident, there is no way for me to order books there on my own; which is a shame, because there are lots of bookworms in the country who are simply salivating over the titles at BookOutlet. The biggest appeal, of course, is the hugely discounted prices on the website. Even with currency conversion applied, buying books from BookOutlet is often cheaper than buying brand new from the major bookstores in the country.

So back in May, I purchased from the website via Book Outlet PH. Since they only ship via freight, it took a little over two months for my books to arrive. A very long time, yes, but that has always been the average time frame whenever we use standard shipping for US-Philippines purchases. Courier services could definitely do better though!

The wait was worth it though because... Check. Out. This. Haul!

17 books for a total of P4,160. The most expensive here is the Illustrated Children's Bible at $5.99, and the cheapest is On Dublin Street at $1.49. I bought a lot because I wanted to take advantage of the 20% off promo on all titles at that time. Plus, many of the titles were really my cup of tea!

Love this beautiful bible! The edges of the pages and the etchings on the cover are all in gold.

Book Outlet PH is definitely one of my favorite book sellers and online buying service. Ms. Rachel is very nice and accommodating, and I daresay patient as well. I had lots of questions and she didn't hesitate to answer them. There is no service charge, just very reasonable shipping fees. I am really very grateful to her!

To my fellow bookworms and book hoarders here in the Philippines who would love to purchase from BookOutlet, I recommend Ms. Rachel of Book Outlet PH. Just message the page on FB and she'll give you the rundown on how to send an order list, modes of payment, etc... =)

Happy buying and hoarding!



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