Super Late Post: MIBF 2015 Book Haul

Yet another late book haul post!

I call this my MIBF Book Haul, because most of them were bought at the Manila International Book Fair 2015, and elsewhere in Makati during the same week.

Taking advantage of the 20% off on all international titles, and my Laking National card, I chose to buy all these from National Bookstore. Fully Booked had an equally large display at the MIBF and the same prices and discounts as well, but I didn't have their discount card.

So anyway, these are the lovelies I bought at NBS during the MIBF!

Hopeless and Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover are the exceptions though, because I already had them prior to the MIBF. I just brought them with me for the signing. =D

The two JR Ward's (hardbounds! aaaaahhhh!) were such steals! I found them in NBS Power Plant Mall at the sale table. Both were only P99 each! =D Oh, how I internally squealed! I have the rest of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in mass market paperbacks, but also have second hardbound copies for Lover Mine, Lover Avenged and Lover Unleashed. Now I'm thinking of collecting the rest of the books in hardbound. Just because!

I am looking forward to reading The School of Good and Evil series. Someone from work read them and loved them, so she recommended them to me. The Miss Peregrine's books have long been in my to-read list, so now that I finally have them I'll be able to catch up and discover what many of my bookworm friends have been raving about.

Now I confess, LOL, I haven't read Confess, Ugly Love, Losing Hope, and His Wounded Light yet. I'll get to the Colleen Hoover's when I have free weekends because they're standalones. Christine Brae's book, as far as I know, is a sequel. I have the first book in my kindle (it was free a long time a go) and I'll have to read it first before cracking this one open. I have to admit, The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher is really intimidating me. This is the first in a trilogy, and I've heard about them a long time ago already. The premise of the story scared me though. From what I have read of other people's reviews, it is one of those gut-wrenching, growl-inducing, infuriating stories that you will either hate or will make you scramble for the next book. When I'm feeling a bit more courageous, I'll start that one. That's a promise!

With Anatomy Of A Misfit and The Beginning Of Everything, I actually bought them with my youngest sister in mind. I thought she'd enjoy them, so we can have books to talk about. As of this writing, I have already sold Catacomb. I had a dumb moment while book shopping. It was displayed next to Miss Peregrine's so I thought it was book 3, hahaha!

So, that sums up my MIBF/Manila vacation book buying spree...!



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