Blog Tour Review: Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan

★★★★ 4 stars

In my previous post, I mentioned how much I loved the first pages of this book. Let me say it again: this is how a prologue or first chapter should be! It grabbed my attention, and let me know that this was going to be an emotional book. After reading the foreword and Harper Sloan's posts on Facebook, I also knew this is a very personal story. Naturally, my expectations went through the roof.

I love the premise of Perfectly Imperfect. A young woman with body image issues is swept off her feet by a man who could have had any beautiful woman he wants. Cinderella and Prince Charming, indeed. Loved it from the get-go!

However, this is not a feel-good fairy tale all through out. In fact, the book starts on a very sad note.

"Self-loathing is a disease."
Willow has been through a lot--emotionally, physically and mentally. Her self-image issues were the result of emotional neglect and verbal abuse from the people who should have been her pillar of support at the time she needed them most. She had let people talk her into believing she deserved the crap she got in life, and as a result, she lost her self-confidence and the will to better herself. When Willow talks about being disgusted with herself, and her worries that Kane would be disgusted with her because of what she had let her family do to her, it was just so sad.. but also incredibly honest.

I also loved how Harper Sloan also showed us what Willow's friends are thinking about. Those short descriptions about how they'd give her a look whenever she's picking at her food; blurting out offhand remarks which actually have a ton of meaning; and saying "I'm fine," when she obviously is not. I love, love them. They are so protective but also supportive of what makes their friend happy. For every Willow out there in the world, I pray they also have a Kirby and Eddie who will support, cheer, and love him/her unconditionally.

Now for the man of the hour: Kane Masters. The synopsis mentioned nothing about what he does for a living, so you'll be pleasantly surprised about this one! Hint: this bit of the story takes our Cinderella plot to a higher level.

Kane pursued Willow with such intensity and determination, it's envious! I also couldn't help but feel so happy for Willow. She's one of those characters for whom you'll think, "Hey, this girl deserves a happy ever after!" She doesn't have to settle for the "short, bald, pot bellied ones," and Kane helps her realize all this.

It's easy to assume that sequels may follow this book. Kane is not the only Masters male (yay!). He has a brother, Kole. A happy-go-lucky celebrity who's openly stated his aversion to marriage and children will make a fabulous book boyfriend, just saying..!

Perfectly Imperfect ends with redemption, success, and all other kinds of victory. Not everyone is unscathed, but let's just say that some people got their comeuppance. As someone who loves a good revenge story, I read the epilogue with such relish.

I'm giving this 4 stars because I wanted just a little bit more...something. Kane and Willow's love story is set in Hollywood, so I was hoping for more oomph from that area.

The best thing about this book is how it speaks to people who have the same issues as Willow. That they should work hard on being strong mentally, emotionally and physically; that even if someone pushes them down the very next day, they can still choose to rise above it and work even harder on being strong; that there are people who will cheer them on and won't leave them alone; that they are stronger than they think; and that one day, there will be a special someone who will accept and love them no matter what they are going through.

I love that Harper Sloan was able to bring to light the difficulties that people with self-image issues face, letting us know what they are most likely thinking and feeling about everything and everyone... But I love best that in spite of this serious story line, she was also able to make it light-hearted, romantic, and at times even funny. That is what life is about, after all. :) Even with all the problems that come our way, there will still be opportunities to love, laugh and have fun--if only we allow ourselves to experience them all.

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