I Was Forced to Burn My Books (damn you, termites!)

Yesterday I had to do something that absolutely broke my heart...! 

*commence dramatic sobbing*

Bookworms, I am sure, share my displeasure with (and fear of) leaky ceilings plus rainstorms, moisture, mold, and the dreaded termites. 

My mom was cleaning out the display cabinet in our living room and she found out that the third level, the space where some of my books are, was crawling with termites. Some of those books I've read already, and some of them I'm not in the mood for yet, hence they were untouched for about half a year now. Well... you can imagine how bad it was that we had to burn a few of them. Huhuhuhu..!!


Seriously, my heart broke as I watched the flames slowly creep up on the pages and covers of my beloved books. Especially for the ones I haven't read yet! ='( I might take my mom's word for it and just have a custom-made aluminum cabinet made with glass doors for my books. I don't ever want this to happen again!

RIP Dear John, Water for Elephants, Eat Pray Love, Daughter of Hounds, that beautifully published compilation of short stories, and a Reader's Digest condensed book of four.



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