Latest Bonus Scenes from Penelope Douglas' Fall Away Series!

I can't tell you how much Penelope Douglas just blew my mind this evening! Trying to be the good employee that I should be, I did not open my FB at all and turned off all alerts this morning. So, at 8:30 tonight (it's 8:53 pm as I'm writing this) I finally checked out the FB world.... and was promptly blown away by the bonus scenes Penelope Douglas posted on her page!

Don't you just love it when authors write extra scenes for your favorite books? High-five if you agree!

For fans of the series, the scenes are to be posted on Penelope's website but they're not yet up as of now. You can check out all three scenes on her FB page:

IMPORTANT: These are spoiler-rich bonus scenes, so please do read the books first (in the order of the banner above). This is one of those book series that I can shamelessly promote, the books are that good. 

I laughed, I giggled, I sighed, I reminisced, and most importantly I felt excited for the next generation characters! There were lots of "I knew it!" things going on in my head too, haha, and I'm sure book lovers out there can relate to how gratifying it is to know that you were spot on with your haunches about certain characters in a book series. 

Oooohh, the next gen has lots of angst and romance bottled up! They're books will be explosive, I have no doubt Pen Doug will do a great job on them. 

Because there's no way she'll leave things as is, with these bonus scenes (and a cliffy) now out in the world.

She won't torture us (there's no way..!).

She won't!

Right? =D Right.



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