Review: Beneath These Scars by Meghan March

★★★★★ 5 awesome stars!

When I first learned that Lucas Titan was going to have his story told, I was absolutely excited. For those who are new to the series, Lucas was first introduced in Beneath This Ink. He was as a jackass and I absolutely disliked his guts. Notice that I didn't use the word "hate", though. Even then, there was something magnetic and charming about him even though he acted selfishly and abominably. I don't know if Meghan March already planned to write his book as early as then, but he definitely came across as a potential hero in a next book. And now we have BENEATH THESE SCARS!

I love the chemistry between Lucas and Yve. At first I thought they were an unlikely pair. Lucas, as I've said, is kind of a selfish jerk, and Yve has a strong personality. I thought they'd clash, so I haven't imagined them together (Yve was also introduced in one of the earlier books). Meghan March really made their pairing work, though!

I love that Lucas wasn't transformed into a gentleman. He maintained that wealthy-jerk vibe. At the same time, you cannot doubt how intense he can be towards people he cares about. Yve being in trouble brings out the good guy in him, but without losing the antagonistic traits we saw the first time he appeared in this series. My descriptions may sound convoluted now, lol, but believe me. All the nuances of Lucas characteristics really fit the story perfectly.

With Yve, I like how Meghan was able to balance her strong, ball-buster personality with the vulnerability that lurks just beneath the surface. She doesn't come across as fake, as a trying hard "strong woman". She just is. She has a bad past that she'd rather forget. Unfortunately, that past is rearing its ugly head

Fortunately for Yve is that Lucas has made her his business before things start to go bad for her. I loooooove him as this arrogant knight in shining armor! In other books the "bad-boy" hero would often lose his edge. I love that Lucas doesn't lose his arrogance at all, even as he goes all-out in ensuring Yve's safety.

Oh, another thing for fans of this series should look forward to: every scene Lucas had with Con and Lord. Oh what FUN! (fyi for those who don't know or forgot, Lucas and Con are kind of sworn enemies. And since Lord is Con's stepbrother, so...) I just love it when old characters have important roles to play in sequels. Who doesn't, right?

Just like the other books in this series, BENEATH THESE SCARS is meaty. There's not just one plot to solve. There are several other subplots, other day-to-day issues that make these characters feel more realistic and relatable. Classic Meghan March, giving readers a lot more than what the synopsis tells.

So without a doubt and not an ounce of surprise from me, this one's another fave! This series continues to impress me and makes me wait (im)patiently for more. Keep them coming Ms. March!

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