ARC Review: Wicked Heart by Leisa Rayven

★★★★☆ 4.5 stars

I really enjoyed WICKED HEART! This one's a 4.5 star-read for me, actually, and it's mostly because it's a feel-good, romantic and sweet story. At first I thought the narrative will be a bit morose, departure from Bad Romeo (which made me laugh so much) because the synopsis for this one says the hero has a fiance who is not the heroine. =( Fortunately that was not the case at all. The material wasn't heavy. In fact you may not notice time passing because it's not just entertaining, it's also compelling. You'll just want to keep reading and find out what happens next. It was definitely like that for me!

Elissa and Liam have had a shot at a relationship six years earlier. They were a really good match. They were funny together, sexy together, and they just clicked. Unfortunately, their careers were in the way. They had to make decisions which resulted in them having to break things off--and not on amiable terms. At all. Upon learning Elissa's side of the story, Liam will seem like a douche. But of course, there is also the other side of the story, and that's what makes the entire thing interesting and exciting.

These two have a lot of chemistry, new fiance and 6 years of separation notwithstanding. You know how it is with exes with unresolved issues? They will either bite each others head off or dance around each other again with lots of flirting and reminiscing. For Liam and Lissa, it was the latter. They are just so good together that their sad separation got to me. It also made their reunion very, very exciting to read about! I felt kilig all over, and I just kept rooting for them to end up together!

The secondary characters are also very likable. I was so ready to hate Angel, Liam's fiance and co-star... but no, she just had to be this quirky, likable, and all-around nice person. She's beautiful, she's smart, and she comes from a wealthy family but she's not a snob about her wealth.

Lissa's best friend, Josh, was also extremely likable. At first I thought he would be built up to be the third party in the love story, but it was made clear from the beginning that Elissa had nothing but platonic love for him. Their friendship and level of ease in each other's company was almost envious! I usually see this type of friendship between girls and gay friends, but this time I was thinking how great it would be to have a guy best friend--because of Josh.

So, final verdict: read WICKED HEART because it's really enjoyable. You will laugh, you'll be sad, but overall you'll have a happy time reading from start to finish. It can be read as a standalone, which I'm sure is a plus for some readers. Finally, it's Leisa Rayven =) you're pretty much guaranteed a good time reading.

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My heartfelt thanks to the author and the publisher St. Martin's Press for granting my an ARC via NetGalley!



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