Review: Monster Stepbrother

Monster Stepbrother Publication Date: February 9, 2015


His dark obsession runs deep.

He's obsessed with her.
She's addicted to him.
Two damaged souls.
Will they heal or ruin one another?

How does a girl go from being Daddy's precious doll to a different kind of toy?
Easy really. When my father remarries it changes the course of my life and everything becomes . . . complicated.

My new stepbrother is a monster who hates me. Unapologetic, controlling, and brazen, he's intent on making my life a living hell.
Oliver King makes the rules. Whenever he wants. However he wants. Wherever he wants.
My head screams this is wrong, but I can't resist giving in to forbidden desires.
I want it as much as he does.

I'm his possession, his ultimate pleasure, his dark obsession.
My addiction to him grows to a dangerous level. I can't stop craving more from the man who has made me his and ruined me for anyone else.
Can what starts out as lust and vengeance end as love?
Can we take away one another's pain and ease one another's fears?

Nobody said life or love was easy.
My name is Maya Childs, and this is my story.

A NOTE from the Author:

This book is NOT for everyone and may have triggers that make some readers uncomfortable. Please be aware of that before you read this book! If you do decide to go ahead, please keep an open mind.

Inside each of us lurks a monster. We all have demons we hide from the world. We all need that one special person to look beyond the surface of the mask we wear and deep into our souls. I hope you enjoy Oliver and Maya's story--that you will indeed peel back the layers and look beneath the surface.

Dark erotic novel that contains sensitive subject matter that may make readers uncomfortable. Not appropriate for readers under 18. Contains explicit language and descriptions of sexual situations and violence.

My Review: ★★ 2 stars

I was going along the flow of the step-sibling-lover fad when I found the opportunity to read and review MONSTER STEPBROTHER. What I understood from the blurb was that the hero and heroine are step-siblings, but they are sexually attracted to each other. The blurb also hinted at a touch of dark romance. I'm all for forbidden love and dark romances (most of the time, anyway), but this book just wasn't my taste.

There were so many things there that I didn't like. Oliver constantly calling Maya "slut" was a huge turn off. I had never been a fan of this word. Although this habit is similar to KI Lynn's hero in Breach Series (which I rated higher because there were more elements in that series that weighed more than the slut-calling), the effect was not as palatable for me. Quite simply, I didn't find Oliver likable, and most especially not desirable. He had too much of a misogynist in him, though the author might argue against that... I call it as I see it, though, sorry.

Maya was too often blinded by her attraction and obsession, in my opinion. It was almost as if she had no other problems in life aside from lusting over her stepbrother. Yes, she did have issues with her parents, but ultimately what drover her over the edge was her confusing relationship with Oliver. DON'T get me started with what the guy did afterwards... it was just too disgusting.

Seduction is thrilling to read about, but when executed poorly, it ends up being creepy and disgusting. I think that's what happened here. I didn't see much of the promised seduction (which I think was what the author was aiming for).  Instead I saw a man who took advantage of a vulnerable young woman, and this same woman just let him. There were just so many things that went wrong in this book, which was a shame because the first chapter was really promising. Even as the book ends a hussy is still clinging on his shoulder.. seriously, he could still stomach pretending to like what the woman was doing to him? He couldn't just push her off? 

MONSTER STEPBROTHER had the makings of a good, angsty, forbidden romance. Unfortunately, the execution didn't convince me, hero doesn't have redeemable qualities, and I just ended up annoyed with the heroine for letting things be.



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